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Clean DPF Tabs & Liquid Testimonials

Aaron Schoeneweis
Mechanic at Mar-Con Products

"We've saved about 400 to 450 gallons a week in fuel consumption since we started using Clean DPF tabs! It's been about 13 months since we had to do a DPF cleaning."

Mike O'Donaghue
Owner of Double Time Express

“Since we started using Clean DPF fuel tabs in March 2015, we have better fuel mileage and we do not have to clean the DPF as often. Our fuel consumption dropped by 10-12% and we keep the environment clean and save money!”

Tory Rust
Vice President of Rust & Sons

“We are in our 40th year of business and run all over the country. We average 3.5 million miles a year and have recently started using Clean DPF fuel tabs. We now experience less re-gens, face pluggings, manual re-gens and down time on the highway.”

Paul Meyer
Lucky Transport Enterprises /Fontana, CA

"Since we started using the Clean DPF formula our fuel consumption has dropped over 15% over our fleet of 13 refrigerated trailers. We've also noticed a huge reduction in soot in the diesel exhaust, our oil stays cleaner longer and the air filters below the diesel particulate filter stay cleaner months longer than before using this product."